Yearly leader products in 2016

It is understood that the “2016 China Mobile Internet peak list at the end of the selection activities” is the most powerful Internet 2016 screening and recognition of the awards set the enterprise (brand), people, products (platform), media four major categories, the final selection Results Based on the dimensions of investment value, comprehensive influence and innovation ability, the evaluation system was combined with the evaluation system of AIM Consulting, which was decided by the judging panel of 2016 China Mobile Internet Year-end Summit Committee according to the enterprise situation and the users’ voting.

The Netease koala sea purchase with NetEase brand advantage, capital advantage, platform advantage and koala self-advantage in one fell swoop gains “annual industry leading products”, is Netease Koala purchase product strength, brand influence and industry The full affirmation of competitiveness. It is understood that the Netease Koala is the purchase of Netease’s imports to retail-based integrated electrical business platform, from Netease self-employed, insist on direct supply sources to provide genuine protection, to provide Chinese consumers with the most Price competitive goods and the best quality shopping and receiving experience. At present, the koala sale of goods covered beauty makeup, daily, maternal and child, clothing, food and digital six categories, and hundreds of the world’s top brands and suppliers to reach a strategic partnership, is the largest cross And is the most popular platform for cross-border electricity providers in China.

In addition, the New Year’s Eve party is the major electronic business platform for the competitive advantage of resources, cross-border electric business Netease Koala purchase the largest dark horse, with exclusive sponsor of the New Year’s Eve party in Hunan TV offensive in 2017, Was the first chip, also marked the Netease koala purchase of the media to upgrade the power business strategy. According to reports, Netease Koala purchase in 2017 will be a comprehensive upgrade to the media power business strategy, in strengthening the live broadcast, the list of advantages, will continue to cooperate with the major media channels, and the regionalization of the floor to more Interesting and fun to play close interaction with the user, continued to lead the cross-border import consumer market.

Launches Solutions for PaaS Industry

To fully support the enterprise industry, personalized digital demand for the whole process to enhance customer satisfaction, sales easy to April 2016 launched to meet the different needs of different industries, different sizes of PaaS platform, the same year in July the advent of mobile PaaS platform , This conference is easy to publish the publication of the media, wealth management, education, home improvement, medicine, based on five PaaS platform industry solutions.

In this conference, the sales easy to senior vice president of technology Ye Hui will sell easy PaaS platform features summarized as: scalable, can be connected to the depth of development, mobile platform. Among them, the mobile has always been the advantage of selling easy. Mobile PaaS allows users through the native + flexible configuration, to achieve smooth and personalized coexistence of harmony, giving users a more focused and more sense of belonging to the user experience.

It is reported that since the sale of easy since 2013, for 5 consecutive years to introduce a round of financing speed. The sale of easy access to Sequoia Capital A round of investment; July 2014, sales of Sequoia Capital B round of easy access to investment; March 2015, sales of easy access to latitude and longitude China, Sequoia Capital 15 million US dollars C round Financing; April 2016, sales easily completed by the latitude and longitude of China’s leading investment of 100 million yuan C + round of financing. Subsequent dissatisfaction with a year, in January 2017, the sale of easy access to the Tencent Leader, Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China, the real fund with the vote of D round 2.8 billion yuan of financing.

Following Sequoia Capital, Jingwei China and other investment institutions, Tencent this time to become easy to sell new investment partners. Shi Yanze said: CRM in the past has been concerned about internal management, with the development of the Internet, its coverage is bound to extend to the outside. The name “PeopleSoft Interactive” is the name of “PeopleSoft Interactive”. It is hoped that the latest Internet technology will allow CRM to return to “people and relationships” as the center, so that enterprises and customers closer and more interactive, not limited to internal processes Of the automation, which is easy to sell a new generation of CRM understanding and understanding.

Meets users’ needs to promote goods products

“Looking for investors not just looking for money, or looking for teammates.” Knowing CEO Zhou source in seeking investors has always insisted on this principle. In September 2015, the knowledge to get 55 million US dollars C round of financing, investors, including Tencent and Sogou, led by Tencent lead. Subsequently, Zhiyu and Sogou on the technical cooperation, the search engine provided by the Sogou, and Sogou page also increased the content of a knowledge of the entrance.

This time, the successful introduction of the introduction of the NetEase has been cast, Jingdong and the new US and a number of well-known enterprises such as the capital of today’s capital investment, although almost no investment in content-based start-up companies, but the company president Xu new The wealth of experience in the business sector has attracted Zhou Yuan. And this knowledge of the $ 100 million investment in capital investment in the past year to be the largest single vote.

Xu said, “I have been watching for about a year, C-time regret missed, this time finally wait for the opportunity.” In her view, the blind do not blindly grasp the wind, seize the good part of the market intensive cultivation, seize The user needs to do a good job, and as a basis for growth, “This is a very correct thing. Now know almost has not only on behalf of Q & A, when it is further around the supply and demand of knowledge to solve a breakthrough , It is possible to meet the user content to consume more scenes of the great company.

According to official data revealed that as of January 2017, Zhiyu already has more than 65 million registered users, an average of 18.5 million active users per day access and use. Throughout the year 2016, the user raised more than 6 million questions and wrote more than 23 million responses and 1.51 million articles. In addition, in the past year, the topic has also introduced the index, to know the bookstore and other structured content products.

Why is the tech giants willing to open up the depth of learning framework?

At present, in the field of artificial intelligence competition, Facebook, Google, Amazon has its own depth of learning framework. Facebook has Torch and Caffe, Google has Tensorflow, and Amazon has MXnet. It is worth mentioning that the three are without exception, the choice of open source, announced to the developers of their own internal use of the depth of learning framework.

With the rejuvenation of artificial intelligence, Caffe has been paid more and more attention both at home and abroad as an efficient and practical framework for deep learning under the wave of deep learning. The open source depth learning framework eliminates the need for developers to code from complex neural networks. Developers can use their existing training models to train their own training parameters according to their own needs. They can also add their own training layers to existing models or choose their own data classifiers at the beginning. In short, an in-depth learning framework is a set of building blocks in which each component is part of a model or algorithm. You can design your own building blocks to populate the building blocks that fit your data set.

“I’ve always liked open source since graduation, because open source contributes the most to the community, wherever it may be, and it makes it possible for anyone to use it everywhere, which makes technology a no-borders concept, People are indeed doing so, open source has become a trend. “Jia Yangqing told the surging news.

Facebook aims to strengthen the credibility of the news

In the “training and tools for journalists using Facebook,” Facebook has packaged its own products, tools, and services for journalists into a series of online courses and collaborated with Poynter, the US media education center, to launch course certifications, The online course will also be expanded to nine languages, which will help journalists learn how to find, communicate and interact with their readers through Facebook.

In the provision of tools, Facebook also acquired a new social performance scoring tool “CrowdTangle” free open to partners to use and create more suitable for journalists to use live broadcast tool. In addition, because Facebook has become the event, the scene witnesses will be shot to the screen out of the platform, so Facebook joined by more than 80 news media “First Draft Partner Network”, hoping to help create a vertical social content verification mechanism .

In the “provide the public view of the media reading training and tools” this, Facebook to help the majority of Facebook users. Many people will wonder, why promote the news plan, but with the reader? Anyway, the media and the platform to do the news, the reader will read ah.

“When we are looking for ways to help the media, we also need to find new ways to help users intelligently choose what they read and make meaningful conversations about what they care about,” Facebook said. Reading “concept, hoping to develop listening to the public awareness, identify the basic ability of the media, reading, reading the basic ability of information, rather than blindly believe in all content, otherwise it is easy to fake news, rumors of the victims.

Facebook will work with some organizations already promoting media reading to promote research or projects, in the short term will be launched in Facebook related public service ads to promote this important concept. Of course, Facebook will also actively delete fake news, whether through the user, third-party institutions return, or do not let the fake news platform can use Facebook advertising platform to make money.

Use better products at lower prices to win consumers

However, in July 2016 a WeChat team to rely on the rapid growth of the distribution system of the little black dress suffered a great crisis. The announcement clearly pointed out that the existence of the use of WeChat chain, WeChat through the public account, WeChat to implement the high return behavior of the account, WeChat public platform will be its permanent title processing, and the right to refuse to provide services to the operation of the main body. Early August, Wang Siming face of a small black dress for the first time to rectify, she ended the controversial three distribution model, which also allows the little black dress on the flow of the month to reduce the half.

Subsequently, in order to alleviate the problem of decline in traffic, “star-level spokesperson” mode immediately take file. In this mode, each user who purchases the little black skirt can also obtain the exclusive two-dimensional code. If the consumer purchases the two-dimensional code by scanning, the owner of the two-dimensional code can obtain 20% of the sales amount.

Although the “spokesperson” model to a certain extent make up for the impact of the cancellation of the three distribution, but also to the little black dress into the rectification of the “security zone”, but difficult to split between the user 23 degrees, the formation of the spread Diffusion with the three distribution is clearly not an order of magnitude. Therefore, in the “electrocution” reported that the industry broke the news, the little black dress account is closed because the recent re-start a three-tier distribution.

Car has become a life necessity

This crisis, including music as super car co-founder, global vice chairman Ding Lei’s “was left.” A few days ago, foreign media reports, Ding Lei has left the future from Faraday, caused widespread concern in the industry, Ding in the micro-blog on the announcement, refuted false reports. Ding said: “FF and LeEco has always been a strategic partnership, so there is no separation from the FF said I. I will lead the team to continue to accelerate the music as the repairer push forward, but also hope partners FF during the CES conference Can be a great success, please a lot of attention.

Of course, Jia Yue Ting and other co-founders will also scoff at this question, the “PPT” star has invested one billion US dollars, the first factory in Tesla 400 miles away to build Faraday future factory. If the Internet business car is not feasible, there is no peer – December 11, 2016, Wei to the car layout of Wuhan Optics Valley billion, to join the vehicle manufacturing force.

While the pioneers always try to be one step ahead of their ancestors to further expand the step. December 28, 2016, a plan to invest 11 billion yuan, located in Huzhou, Zhejiang Moganshan music as the car industry park ground breaking. But Faraday will become the focus of the time point of the question is its starting price of $ 150,000 new car is about to release. Not to mention in the country is still far from “a firm foothold” level, even if there are many years of accumulation of the two gas Dongfeng so high to play high “big”, is still not fully integrated resources at this stage has reservations.

In all fairness, the big autonomy “Baotuan” is not easy, let alone the Internet enterprise repairer, especially so early would like to leveraging overseas car market, capital market. Although the Internet thinking, the car will become more intelligent, more convenient, bringing the ultimate user experience. But even the US local traditional car companies and emerging Internet car companies there is a little between the contradictions to be reconciled, the integration of the problem, not to mention the face of an overseas Internet car prices?

Use technology to resolve the problems of enterprises

The core competencies of Pantone include media capabilities, technical capabilities and cross-border capabilities. Media capabilities are reflected in product integration, event marketing, secondary communication, to build influence closed-loop. H5, face recognition, AR and VR, WeChat program composed of technical capacity, in order to connect all the power. Cross-border capacity is the performance of the government, celebrities and corporate resource integration and innovation.

Resources, the effectiveness of effective through has plenty of local resources, covering Tencent total network, Tencent mini page card, the big net home page, the vertical industry channels and other page-side resources; Tencent news client Shanghai page card, every day express, And other outdoor media resources; Jiefang Daily, Morning News, Shanghai Youth Daily, the East Satellite TV, the first satellite TV and other media resources, the Shanghai Media Alliance, and other mobile-side resources; airport large screen, the Oriental Pearl Mobile TV, Citigroup large screen, Focus Media, A financial and other media and media cooperation in the plane; 40 government agencies and other government agencies resources.

In addition to local resources, the effectiveness of cross-BG resources are also supported, such as the ability to carry out advertising and content cooperation Tencent video, with a variety of functions of micro-city services, through the public, APP, sweep, credit card payment , The use of technology into the scene of the micro-enterprise number, rely on the relationship chain to spread the circle of friends, advertising, Tencent global cloud data center support Tencent cloud, leading the trend of Tencent games, the application of “within reach” dream micro-applet , Has a massive user base, ultra-high active users accounted for QQ music, daily delivery of about 350 million QQ expression package to the Internet core capabilities to promote the development of Tencent public welfare to pan entertainment content as the core, mining star IP fans economy Tencent Pictures.

Ten truths of AI entrepreneurship

Innovation workshop itself is the main body of investment and investment institutions, of course we look at the project, see the founder, they have idea, direction, we will use the fund to invest in it.

The Internet business model of the past, has been very classic to be “Lean” description:

Several children just do a product up, to finance on financing, not financing to pull down. How to benefit users, iterative products, after the realization of a classic model.

The entrepreneurial model, its dividend era has passed. Of course, there will be, but not as much as before. Entrepreneurial threshold greatly improved, because the next batch of artificial intelligence is the direction of entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence venture which is the core of the characters are AI scientists, AI companies do not AI scientists is the game.

But AI scientists are often super otaku, his house in the room inside, all day to do experiments, suddenly you throw him into a brutal barbaric terrible world, his own business success rate is not very high.

Traditional Industry Resource Needs Innovation Activation

Recently, the Internet Society of China hosted by the 2017 China Internet Industry Annual Meeting held in Beijing. Liu Jun, vice president of Datang Network was invited to attend the event, and made a presentation entitled “resource-based mobile Internet model to promote innovation and industrial upgrading” to share.

In 2016, with the artificial intelligence, large data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, AR / VR and other technologies, the Internet into the accelerated development period. The rapid development of the Internet and the advent of the era of large data to the traditional enterprise development has brought great opportunities and challenges, many enterprises are faced with the transformation and development of the confusion. Liu Jun said that a large number of traditional industries need to activate the innovation of resources, and “Internet +” and even the development of mobile Internet is not revolutionary traditional industry life, but to help the traditional industrial revolution.

Subsequently, Liu Jun introduced Datang Network in the exploration of resource-based mobile Internet development of the two models, that is, through the free service to gather users, through large data “precision” to improve the viscosity and conversion rate, to achieve the realization of the positive development model; And the integration of resource-based data, on the basis of large-scale data to build user products and services through precise matching needs to form the user stickiness and size, to achieve the realization of reverse development model.

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